Gym Time

I’ve been off training for the last few days with the bug that seems to be going around and finally getting myself back on track. I’ve had seriously low energy and motivation but forced myself to go down, luckily I don’t live far from the gym! These views made it worth it and gave me a little boost before working out!  



I Will Run!

So happy my ankle and groin supports have arrived today! I’ve been getting some strange ankle bruises and a repeated groin injury that’s been preventing me training as much as I’d like to, so here’s hoping these will do the trick and fix that. Or at least mask the pain a bit!  I hate being injured, especially with only a few weeks to go, but I will run!


Thank you!

Thanks so much to everyone who’s supporting and helping me so much with my training, fundraising and organising the 1000km run, it is so encouraging and inspiring. I’ve been ill the last few days so training has been minimal and trying to recover but am hoping to be back to 100% tomorrow. I’ve now changed the leaving date of my run because I’m struggling to get the funding for the trip and hope that an extra few weeks will help me get some more support behind sponsorship. If anyone can help, it would be amazing. Getting excited now there are only a few weeks to go!

Contact Information

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