Delivery Time

So happy my delivery came yesterday from My Protein with my new nutrition ready for the 1000km run. It took me so long to research and find the correct nutrition for what my goals are and how much exercise I’ll be doing but I think I’ve got the right stuff! 



Th Countdown Has Started!

6 days until I start my 1000km run for the BHF which starts over the Pyrenees! Getting nervous and slightly stressed planning and prepping everything but still training hard! 


Fundraising Target

I need to raise £2500 for me to be able to fund my 1000km run and so far I’ve raised £1600 in less than a month! I am so happy and grateful for everyone’s support and help raising awareness and donating to the British Heart Foundation! Thank you all so much! Just over a week to raise £800 fingers crossed and hard work ahead! 


New Shoes!

So excited I’ve finally got round to getting some good running shoes! These should last me most of the run and are seriously so much better than what I’ve been training in. My mistake but I should really have been training in better quality shoes. Hopefully this will help my joint pains and give me better ankle stability. I also now have moulded insoles that are incredible and really support my high arches. Not the most attractive pair of shoes but they feel great! 


Work Out Early

Very tired early morning session done! I find it hard to get up and train but with only a few weeks to go I’ve challenged myself to get two training sessions in a day. I’m training at Mersea Island Personal Traning with my trainer Tom who has been working with me throughout my training with fitness and nutrition programmes as well as weekly body fat testing. He’s honestly the best trainer and gym I’ve had! 

Trying Out The New Supports

Recently ordered two ankle supports and a groin support to help give me a bit of protection and prepare my body for the long distances I will be running. The ankle supports were fantastic and I really felt the difference as I’ve been getting some bruising around the joints and my trainers are on their last leg. The extra support was well needed! The groin support was interesting and did feel odd for a while but once I got used to it really helped keep the muscles warm and supported my back, which I wasn’t expecting. My groin injury makes me really nervous because it seems to come on everytime I run now and hurts a lot. Fingers crossed these make a difference and allow me to run!