Trying Out The New Supports

Recently ordered two ankle supports and a groin support to help give me a bit of protection and prepare my body for the long distances I will be running. The ankle supports were fantastic and I really felt the difference as I’ve been getting some bruising around the joints and my trainers are on their last leg. The extra support was well needed! The groin support was interesting and did feel odd for a while but once I got used to it really helped keep the muscles warm and supported my back, which I wasn’t expecting. My groin injury makes me really nervous because it seems to come on everytime I run now and hurts a lot. Fingers crossed these make a difference and allow me to run!    



Gym Time

I’ve been off training for the last few days with the bug that seems to be going around and finally getting myself back on track. I’ve had seriously low energy and motivation but forced myself to go down, luckily I don’t live far from the gym! These views made it worth it and gave me a little boost before working out!  


I Will Run!

So happy my ankle and groin supports have arrived today! I’ve been getting some strange ankle bruises and a repeated groin injury that’s been preventing me training as much as I’d like to, so here’s hoping these will do the trick and fix that. Or at least mask the pain a bit!  I hate being injured, especially with only a few weeks to go, but I will run!